Fantech FG 10 Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan, Metal Housing, 10″, 513 CFM, 120V

Mounting bracket and hardware included. Can be installed in any position and outdoors. With the motor in the airstream the fan provides the constant dissipation of heat buildup thus giving the fan first in class of longevity and reliability. Built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset. Maintenance-free and reliable.

The two halves are joined using Fantech’s unique folded seam closure, which gives the fan the first in class, air tight seal. Fg fans are equipped with backward-curved impeller blades and external rotor motors. Duct connected outdoor and wet room applications of the fan are possible due to the air tight casing.

Speed-controllable. The housing is manufactured from a two-piece stamped galvanized construction.

King Electric K101-C Bi-Metal Cooling Thermostat, Line Voltage, 1-Pole, 120-277V, 22 Amp

Single pole, operates 41 degree - 90 degree f 3 degree- 32 degree. Includes c and f control dials. The k101-c cooling thermostat: the k101-c cooling thermostat has a larger, more sensitive, bi-metal sensor that improves temperature accuracy to 3 degree f. Mounts directly to a 2x4 inch vertical electrical outlet box.

Bi-metal sensing element. For cooling only. Modem appearance with large knob for easy adjustments. This feature achieves a better comfort level with a reduced temperature swing as compared to economy models. No ground wire design. No ground wire, making installation fast and easy. Etl listed. For line voltage cooling applications.

Large knob allows easy adjustment to all temperatures. Fully vented cover allows air sensing in all directions. Accuracy: +/- 3f.

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